Dr. Michael Fritz


Michael Fritz
Division Geosciences | Permafrost Research | COPER: Coastal permafrost erosion, organic carbon and nutrient release in the Arctic nearshore zone
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Email Michael Fritz
Phone +49(331)288-2203
Fax +49(331)288-2137
Address Alfred Wegener Institute
Telegrafenberg A45
14473 Potsdam
( Room A45-A45 - S304)
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Publications, Presentations and Reports: EPIC repository
Data: PANGAEA repository
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• Researcher in the EU-project "NUNATARYUK" coordinated by Hugues Lantuit; co-lead work package "Coastal permafrost"
• Co-lead of IASC Cross-Cutting Activity "Permafrost on all channels"; education and outreach activity 2018-2020;
• Awardee of a Postdoctoral stipend from the Daimler and Benz Foundation 2016-2018; www.daimler-benz-stiftung.de/cms/nachwuchs/stipendienprogramm-fuer-postdoktoranden/422-stipendiaten-2016.html
• Co-lead of IPA Action Group "A Frozen Ground Cartoon" funded by IPA and IASC; www.researchgate.net/project/A-Frozen-Ground-Cartoon-Explaining-international-permafrost-research-using-comic-strips
• Executive Committee member of the IASC network Arctic in Rapid Transition (ART); www.iarc.uaf.edu/en/ART
• Ex-officio member of the Executive Committee of the Permafrost Young Researchers Network (PYRN); pyrn.arcticportal.org/en/

Research interests

• Arctic land-ocean interactions
• Coastal permafrost dynamics and material transport pathways
• Dissolved and particulate organic matter matter in permafrost deposits
• Paleoenvironmental reconstructions inferred from lake sediments
• Ground ice as environmental archive

Research program

PACES II 1: Changes and regional feedbacks in Arctic and Antarctic
PACES II 3: The earth system from a polar perspective: Data, modelling and synthesis
PACES II 1.3: Degrading permafrost landscapes; carbon, energy and water fluxes
PACES II 3.1: Circumpolar climate variability and global teleconnections at seasonal to orbital time scales