Prof. Dr. Julia Boike


Abteilung Permafrostforschung
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E-Mail Julia Boike
Telefonnummer +49(331)58174-5454
Adresse Alfred Wegener Institut

Telegrafenberg A6
14473 Potsdam
(Gebäude A6 | Raum 001)

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T-MOSAiC Permafrost Thaw

MOSES Permafrost Thaw

Leader of Helmholtz-University Young Investigator Research group (2006-2012) on "Sensitivity of the permafrost system's water and energy balance under changing climate: A multiscale perspective"


Thermal, hydrological and biogeochemical processes in northern permafrost soils

Soil-atmosphere energy balance observations and modelling in high latitude regions

Water balance observations, modelling and scaling in the Arctic