Dr. Simeon Lisovski


Simeon Lisovski
Abteilung Polare Terrestrische Umweltsysteme
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Adresse Alfred Wegener Institute

(Raum Gebäude A6, Raum 2.9)

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My major research interests are the migration of animals and how this fascinating phenomenon effects ecosystems across the world and polar regions in particular. With my research, I aim to better understand the interaction between animals and their environment and how this interaction influences their migration strategies and ultimately their success.


Global change processes pose a whole range of threats to migratory animals and their services to the ecosystems. Using state-of-the-art tracking methods, remote sensing tools and mechanistic modelling approaches my current research provides insights into species and population specific pattern of resilience to climate warming and habitat destruction. In particular, and in collaboration with international researchers, we could identify migration strategies and behavioural adaptations that prevent and/or support adaptive responses to rapid environmental change.


In the future, I would like to contribute to a better understanding of the role of migratory animals, in the functioning of polar ecosystems and how rapid environmental change effects 1) the global links to the polar regions that are established by moving animals, and 2) the associated transport effects of bacteria, viruses and pollutants.



1) Global Change Biology

2) Animal Migration

3) OneHealth



1) Fieldwork (tracking, sampling etc.)

2) Remote sensing data analysis

3) Mechanistic modeling (e.g. stochastic dynamic programming)