Seminarreihe der Wattenmeerstation

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Zeit: 11:30 Uhr
Ort:  großer Seminarraum

20.09.2018The use of close-range photogrammetry for the detection of short-term morphological changes of a small sandy spitSandra ArmoniesUniversität Hamburg & AWI Sylt
13.09.2018Will climate change favor a more gelatinous marine wood web?Dr. Cornelia JaspersDTU Aqua & GEOMAR
07.09.2018North Sea plankton under global change - a mesocosm experimentHugo Moreno, Martin Köring PlanktoSERV, AWI Helgoland
06.09.208Desmophyllum dianthus - a Patagonian cold-water coral thriving at low pHProf. Dr. Claudio RichterAWI Bremerhaven
26.03.2018HABs and phytotoxinsDr. Bernd KrockAWI Bremerhaven
08.03.2018Seamless modelling across scales: from global to ocean shelfDr. Vera FofonovaAWI Bremerhaven
15.02.2018Non-native crabs Hemigrapsus spp. capture oyster reefs in the Wadden Sea  - less effects than expected?Silja Bürkle AWI Sylt
07.12.2017What explains phytoplankton dynamics? An analysis of the Helgoland Roads Time Series data setsSubrata SarkerAWI Helgoland
06.11.2017Global change vulnerability of coastal planktonic communitiesDr. Cédric MeunierAWI Helgoland
03.08.2017Amphibian infectious diseases: what threatens European amphibian biodiversityProf. Trent GarnerZoological Society of London
27.07.2017To the limit and beyond - Have intertidal seagrass beds reached their optimum in the northern Wadden Sea?Dr. Tobias DolchAWI Sylt
29.06.2017Mind the gap: managing cross-ecosystem fluxes as key for preserving and restoring the tropical coastal seascapeDr. Lucy GillisZMT Bremen
15.06.2017Tides & Waterlevel - Monthly to Multi-Decadal Sea Level VariationsProf. Jürgen JensenUniversity of Siegen
08.06.2017Water levels, storm surges and coastal protection - an insight into the world of coastal engineersProf. Jürgen JensenUniversity of Siegen
01.06.2017Paleoenvironment reconstruction of the Helgoland Mud Area through the past millenniumDr. Christian HassAWI Sylt
09.05.2017Climate controlled sedimentary processes in the Riiser Larsen Sea offshore Dronning Maud Land, AntarcticaRita Brekken & Cristina BuiaAWI Sylt
27.04.2017Can combined mm-scale topography and acoustic scatter measurements improve marine habitat surveys?Mischa SchönkeIOW
05.04.2017Late Holocene sedimentation in coastal areas of the South Shetland Islands (West Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica)Simon Schröder AWI Sylt
30.03.2017Von einfallenden Krebsarmeen, versteckten Parasiten und eiskalten Entdeckungen - Forschungsschwerpunkte der Arbeitsgruppe Gemeinschafts- und Evolutionsökologie in 2017Dr. Christian BuschbaumAWI Sylt
08.03.2017Occurrence and feeding habits of Aisan shore crabs.Jonas MölleCAU Kiel
23.02.2017Influence of Hemigrapsus spp. on oyster and mussel reef communities.Pia SteingrübnerCAU Kiel
12.01.2017Seabirds and their marine food-web dependencies, behavioural ecology and spartial segregation patterns under a stable isotopic eye.Prof. Dr. Stefanie IsmaGEOMAR
15.12.2016Presenting the MERCES project.Dr. Dario FiorentinoAWI
14.12.2016Food quality and trophic interactions in planctonic food webs.Dr. Cédric MeunierAWI
24.11.2016Jellification of the world: myth or truth.Prof. Dr. Maarten BoersmaAWI
01.11.2016Multi-level "OMICS" on nutrient straved Emiliania huxleyi - Putting transcriptions and metabolomics into perspective.Dr. Sebastian RokittaAWI
01.11.2016Effects of multiple stressors on Arctic phytoplankton - Why do they not care?Dr. Clara HoppeAWI
27.10.2016Investigating the invasion success of Pacific crabs (Hemigrapsus spp.) in the Wadden Sea.Jonas GeburziAWI/DBU
15.09.2016Role of meiofauna in the functioning of soft-bottom coastal food webs.Luuk van der HeijdenAWI/University of La Rochelle
20.07.2016The Holocene development of Maxwell Bay, King George Island, Antarctica.Dr. Christian HassAWI
13.07.2016Understanding the dynamics of seagrasses and plankton in tropical shallow marine ecosystems.Dr. Dominik KneerAWI
05.07.2016Seafloor classification using Roxann: two case ctudies to show the Pros and Cons.Dr. Christian HassAWI
08.06.2016Strategies and Tools for Environmental-friendly Shore Nourishments as Climate Change Impact Low-Regret Measures.Dr. Finn Mielck AWI
01.06.2016Development and management of the last migrating inland sand dunes on the island of Sylt.Dr. Tobias DolchAWI
26.05.2016Form follows function - targeted mutagenesis to reveal Vibrio-Oyster interactions.Dr. Mathias WegnerAWI
20.04.2016Crassostrea gigas - 25 years of Pacific oysters around Sylt.Prof. Dr. Karsten ReiseAWI
16.03.2016Macrofaunal impact on biogeochemical cycling in the German Bight.Alexa WredeAWI
02.03.2016Sponge fluorescent molecules and derivatives used for live imaging. What is their natural role?PD Dr. Ulf BickmeyerAWI
25.02.2016Ecological Network Analysis - The Food Web of the Wadden Sea.Sabine HornAWI
17.02.2016Coastal change: Biodiversity.Dr. Werner ArmoniesAWI
19.01.2016Transgenerational effects in a warming ocean: the stickleback story - Part 3.Dr. Lisa ShamaAWI
08.12.2015Benthic algae count! Evidence that benthic algae play an important role in coastal food webs.Prof. Dr. Benoit LebretonUniversity of La Rochelle (F)
02.12.2015On models and climate change: lessons from the contrasting fortunes of Raymond Pearl and Guy Stewart Callendar.Prof. Dr. Thomas AndersonNational Oceanography Centre (UK)
18.11.2015Evolution and adaptation in two invasive parasites.Marieke FeisAWI
21.10.2015 Sediments: habitat and geological archive.Dr. Svenja PapenmeierAWI
28.07.2015The coldest summer of my life - climate information extracted from the Antarctic ice sheet at Kohnen Station.Prof. Dr. Peter LemkeAWI
17.06.2015Integrating GIS, functional traits and food webs in Arctic marine research: Creating added value für sciene and stakeholders.Prof. Dr. Dieter PiepenburgCAU
20.05.2015The evolution of shallow-water invertebrates in the Southern Ocean.Dr. Christoph HeldAWI
12.05.2015Climate change in polar regions - a winter expedition to the Weddell Sea.Prof. Dr. Peter LemkeAWI
29.04.2015Climate change - what is in store for us?Prof. Dr. Peter LemkeAWI
28.04.2015From the North Atlantic to the residual circulation in the Wadden Sea - a multi-nested modul approach.Dr. Ulf GräweIOW
18.03.2015Newcomers form the Pacific: Hemigrapsus rocky shire crabs in the Wadden Sea.Jonas GeburziAWI/DBU
17.03.2015Effects of global change - differ between marine and terrestrial ecosystems.Dr. Ragnhild AsmusAWI
18.02.2015 List, Sylt time series - hydrochemistry and planctology.Dr. Johannes RickAWI
04.02.2015Biotope Mapping.Dr. Dario FiorentinoAWI
28.01.2015 Temperature variations within intertidal Wadden Sea sediments.Dr. Martin RulikOstravskà Univerzita (CZ)
21.01.2015How can Wadden Sea contribute to Artic coastal research?Dr. Christian BuschbaumAWI
14.01.2015Effects of warming, acidification and eutrophication on benthic communities in the German Wadden Sea - examined with mesocosm experiments.Andreas PanschAWI