PD Dr. Cedric Meunier

Leader of a young investigator group

Cedric Meunier
Division Biosciences | Shelf Sea System Ecology | PlanktoSERV
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Email Cedric Meunier
Phone +49(4725)819-3143
Fax +49(4725)819-3369
Address Alfred Wegener Institute
27498 Helgoland
( Room A-208)

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Leader of the young investigator group PlanktoSERV

Research interests

I am an ecologist specialized in studying the consequences of global change for biological communities. I study the interactions between phytoplankton, microzooplankton, and mesozooplankton in micro- and mesocosm experiments. A major focus of my work is to strengthen the links between ecological stoichiometry, metabolic theory of ecology, and trait-based ecology in order to investigate the impact of global change on food web structure and dynamics. My work demonstrates that simultaneous changes in different abiotic parameters can act in unpredictable synergistic ways that drive food web dynamics which emphasizes the need to conduct multistressor experiments to understand how food webs will function in the future. This is currently being done in the framework of PlanktoSERV in which my working group realistically assesses the impact of simultaneous changes in temperature, pH, nutrients, and salinity on plankton communities to provide a robust understanding of future ecosystem services alterations.