Dr. Johann Philipp Klages

Sedimentologist | Helmholtz Postdoctoral Fellow

Johann Philipp Klages
Division Geosciences | Marine Geology
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Email Johann Philipp Klages
Phone +49(471)4831-1574
Fax -
Address Alfred Wegener Institute
Am Alten Hafen 26
27568 Bremerhaven
( Room D-1260)
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Principal investigator for Helmholtz Postdoc Project PD-201 "The dynamics of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet during the Cenozoic".

Teaching responsibilites at the University of Bremen:

05-BA-4-S5.1-1: Klastische Sedimentologie: Küsten- und Schelfdynamik (together with D. Hebbeln and A. Rovere, MARUM)

Echosounding Training Course on RV Polarstern (co-organized by AWI POLMAR & University of Bremen, Department of Geoscience)

Research interests

I combine ice-proximal sedimentologic, bathymetric, and subbottom-acoustic/seismic data from formerly glaciated West Antarctic continental shelves in order to perform detailed ice-sheet reconstructions, and refine knowledge about basal processes at the former ice/bed interface | More information about my current Helmholtz Postdoc project "The dynamics of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet during the Cenozoic" (2015 - 2018) can be found here: www.awi.de/en/science/geosciences/marine-geology/main-research-focus/palaeo-ice-sheet-dynamics/waic-klages-en.html

Research program

PACES II 3: The earth system from a polar perspective: Data, modelling and synthesis
PACES II 3.1: Circumpolar climate variability and global teleconnections at seasonal to orbital time scales
PACES II 3.2: Earth system on tectonic time scales: From greenhouse to icehouse world