The Aquaculture Research group is part of the AWI bioeconomy section. We develop new products and systems that are used in aquaculture in Germany and around the world.

Our focus is to improve knowledge for sustainable aquaculture production which guarantees animal welfare, social and economic viability and acceptance. Economic productivity and food security are always an important aspect of our concepts. 

On this page and in our project and outputs sections you can learn about our work, or browse our team page to learn about our experts and their areas of expertise!


lead                           deputy

Matt Slater             Joachim Henjes

lead Zentrum für Aquakulturforschung

Kai Lorkowski


Our study about white feces disease in shrimps is available in the Global Aquaculture Alliance website.You can read this study here.

New projects

Just started: greenhub, SIDESTREAM


New papers

Sinem Zeytin et all "Quantifying microplastic translocation from feed to the fillet in European sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax"

Matthew Slater "The impact of Aquaculture soundscapes on whiteleg shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei and Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar" und Aquaculture Environment Interactions

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Internship - Bachelor thesis - Master thesis

Internships and final theses can be carried out in the projects Lachslaus, OptiRas, SIDESTREAM and MonitorShrimp.