SARI (Small Autonomous Research Instrument) is a low-cost autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), developed for missions in coastal areas and in water depth down to 200m. It is designed for developing payloads with today’s miniaturized sensors, new steering algorithms and can be a development platform for the next generation. The torpedo shaped vehicle is electrically propelled with the energy coming from a Lithium-Ion battery pack. For navigation the standard tail section houses all core systems of the vehicle and is equipped with GPS, a 9-axis IMU, a Depth Sensor and an Altimeter. Due to its modular design, SARI can be connected within seconds to any number of dry and wet payload sections. The operator connects to the vehicle via Wi-Fi to upload pre-programmed dives or download data after a successful mission. Equipped with a payload interface, the standard tail communicates with the payload and can receive commands from the payload to adapt or modify the dive. For localization purposes a USBL beacon is attached to the AUV.

Having the same software suite as her big brother PAUL, SARI as a one-person-portable, low cost AUV can also be used for training sessions for future arctic missions with PAUL. Small enough to be carried in a backpack, SARI has low logistical needs and can be easily deployed in the surrounding lakes.


Technical specifications

Depth Rating

200 m


0.5 m tail section, with 3 flooded sections 1.03 m


12 cm


ca. 8 kg, depending on payload


2-4 knots, equals approx. 4-7 km/h


Depending on payload up to 25 mn, approx. 46 Kilometer


General Dynamics (Bluefin Robotics)

Vehicle Type

Bluefin SandShark


Anaheim Automation BLWR17, Brushless DC Motor


Active Roll Control, Field-replaceable fins


Waypoint, Setpoint, Survey-Rectangles, Backseat-Control




Molex Wi-Fi, 2.4/5 Ghz

Infineon magnet On/Off switch, TLE4961-5M

Status LEDs

Visible and infrared strobes

MicronNav USBL, 20-28 kHz, 500m horizontal, 150 m vertical tracking


Navigation sensors


Taoglas AP.12F.07.0045A


PIHER MTS-360, 9-axen IMU


Measurement Specialities 5803-14BA, accurancy ± 20 mbar


Imagenex, 675 kHz (0.5-50 m altitude), 10° beam angle


Blue Robotics TSYS01 (-40°C-125°C), accurancy ± 0.1°C


Atlas Scientific K1.0, 5-200.000 µS/cm, accurancy ± 2%


Contact: J. Hagemann, M. Busack