Paleogenetic Lab

Paleogenetics Lab

The molecular genetic laboratories for environmental and paleogenetics are specialized to analyze either organismic material (e.g. individual terrestrial plants) and recent environmental DNA or ancient environmental DNA from lake sediments archives or permafrost deposits. Genetic analyses are applied to investigate spatial and temporal changes in Arctic terrestrial ecosystems, the following methods are used in the laboratories:

General genetic laboratories:

  • Molecular genetic approaches e.g. DNA isolation, cloning, PCR, quantitative PCR, preparation of NGS sequencing and bioinformatic analyses
  • Analyses of terrestrial and aquatic organisms obtained from sedimentary DNA
  • Plant and diatom composition data obtained by DNA metabarcoding
  • Population genetic data (microsatellites, SNP analyses) & genomic DNA data of plant species e.g. Larix sp.

Paleogenetic laboratory:

  • Separated from the general genetic laboratories (separate building)
  • High degree of purity (UV ceiling lights, separation in pre- and main room)
  • Isolation of ancient DNA from environmental samples (e.g. lake sediment, permafrost)

Dr. Kathleen Stoof-Leichsenring

Technical staff
Sarah Olischläger
Janine Klimke