AWI is one of the four shareholders of the German Climate Computing Centre DKRZ in Hamburg ( DKRZ is the national german service center for climate researchers and provides high performance computing and data storage infrastructure for basic as well as applied research in the field of climatology and related disciplines. Currently, two computing systems are available: The first one is a vector computer NEC SX6 with 24 nodes each with 8 CPUs and 64 GB memory interconnected by a Crossbar Switch. The second is a SUN linux cluster with 256 dual core nodes.

AWI has an contingent of 4,5 % of the compute time. Up to now, 13 projects from AWI are defined at DKRZ (see table 1). The internal distribution of resources between these projects is coordinated by Bernadette Fritzsch (Bernadette.Fritzsch(at) She could also be contacted, if scientists plan to start a new project at DKRZ.



Projects within the AWI shareholder contingent at DKRZ

Project Account Title Project Head
36 Auswirkung polarer Prozesse Auswirkung polarer Prozesse auf die globale ozeanische Zirkulation Rüdiger Gerdes
38 Eisdynamische Modellierung Philippe Huybrechts
42 Sea Level Change (SEAL) Jens Schröter
43 Globale biogeochemische Modellierung Dieter Wolf-Gladrow
46 Southern Ocean Marine System Modeling Hartmut Hellmer
49 Modellierung der atmosphärischen Zirkulation der Arktis Annette Rinke
51 Mesoskalige Modellierung der polaren Atmosphäre Christof Lüpkes
52 Untersuchung der hydrologischen Komponenten des Klimas von Grönland Abha Sood
130 Modellierung elektromagnetischer Wellen in Eis Olaf Eisen
182 Klimavariabilität des gekoppelten Atmosphäre-Ozean-Systems mit vereinfachter stratosphärischer Chemie Dörthe Handorf
246 Paläoklima Gerrit Lohmann
389 Gezeitendatenassimilation in GI-WEWS Jörn Behrens