General information

Starting from 2013 a more stringent structuring concept has been implemented in compiling the reports to be published in the "Reports on Polar and Marine Research" (BzPM). Typography and layout are in accordance with specifications of the Corporate Design of AWI. Apart from the bibliometric entry of the reports as "hdl" into the AWI electronic Publication and Information Center (ePIC), reports may be additionally linked to a permanent identifier (DOI) with the objective to persistently archive them, improve their accessibility and advance their retrieval. That possibility is yet depending on the copy right status.

Reasons for the application of templates

The use of templates ensures to maintain a persistent style in respect to text, tables and captions

Use of a Microsoft-Word-based template

Since Microsoft Word is widely used the template is based on that programme. The author simply overwrites the AWI style sheets specifically designed for special text elements, such as headings, running text, captions. The style sheets of these individual text components will have the corresponding name like AWI-heading 1, 2 or 3, AWI-standard, AWI-captions etc. Deviations are permitted in post hoc publications of dissertations, but should be discussed first with editors.

Application of the templates

For pasting text from other documents, i.e. from expedition programs, kindly use the menu "Edit" and then "paste special" to insert the text in an unformatted way. In addition to the word document serving as template and which should be compatible with all word-versions, a manual details the formatting of text, tables and captions. The editors like to point out that only the application of this template will ensure a correctly formatted and faultless import into the professional desktop publishing software Adobe Indesign which they are using for the final layout.

Presenting photos for the cover page

A photo representative for the dissertation will be used on the cover page. Therefore, the author is asked to submit 3 photos or graphics in landscape format for the editors to choose from. Captions in German and English together with date and if applicable, location of the photo are also required. Please note that the blue AWI banderol will overlap about a third of the photo at the bottom.  A Copyright licence in which the photographer or author of the graphics or agrees to vest his/her rights to AWI must be returned.


The publishers need a written confirmation from employees of the AWI that the responsible head of section respectively the scientist in charge agrees to have the dissertation published as presented. Scientists from external institutes cooperating with the AWI who intend to have their dissertations published in the Reports on Polar and Marine Research need a recommendation of the head of section at AWI for their request. In the part "acknowledgements" the nature and extend of the support that had been granted by the AWI should be mentioned.


The language of title should be identical with the dissertation.

Print on demand

An optional print may be ordered via the respective sections resp. divisions of the authors. BzPM pdf documents are issued in a pdf version ready for printing (eBIS: Drucksache). You will find further parameters required by the printing company, such as colour information etc. in concurrence with the AWI corporate design in the download section. Please note that the size will be scaled down to ca 80 % of A4 format.