Remote Sensing Methods

Remote Sensing of Polar Terrestrial Systems

Our aim is mapping of high-latitude vegetation, it's bio-physical quantities and actual changes by applying Remote Sensing at a wide range of spatial scales.

Data and methods:

  • in-situ plant coverage, tree stand densities, steam and crown diameters, tree vitality status and LAI. See also Arctic Vegetation Analysis
  • in-situ field spectrometry: Buchhorn & Petereit (AWI-Workshop) developed a transportable field goniometer for bi-directional spectral measurements (BRDF) in harsh terrain (AWI-Patent DE10-2011117713.A1).
  • satellite operational products from MODIS, MERIS, SENTINEL-3, optical satellite data from the Landsat, RapidEye and SENTINEL-2 satellite missions, SAR satellite data from the TDX and Sentinel-1 satellite missions (in cooperation with HGF-EDA, DLR and BGEO) and hyperspectral: AISA EAGLE airborne onboard AWI Polar-5, CHRIS-PROBA, EnMAP simulation (in cooperation with GFZ EnMAP).