According to the German regulations for scientific diving (GUV-R 2112), scientific dive missions must be supervised by a qualified dive mission leader (Supervisor for Scientific Diving). This person must be competent and experienced to implement the necessary safety at work procedures for a safe and efficient work under water.

The AWI Centre for Scientific Diving conducts yearly courses (5 days - usually in spring) to certify experienced research divers as dive mission leaders according to the german rules for scientific diving. Successful candidates will receive the certificate "Supervisor for Scientific Diving" from German Kommission for Scientific Diving.

The AWI offers courses for "Dive mission leader" (Taucheinsatzleiter) on a yearly basis, normally in early summer. If you are interested, please contact the AWI Centre for Scientifiv Diving ( for details on the next course. 


2023 course "Supervisor for Scientific Diving" at AWI-CSD

The first course "Dive mission leader / Taucheinsatzleiter" after the restrictions due to the Corona was successfully held in Mai 2023 at Helgoland.  We are very happy that we were able to certify four highly competent scientists as "KFT Dive mission leaders" together with 3 refreshers who re-activated / updated their certificate "geprüfter Forschungstaucher / European Scientific Diver". Congratulations from the course instructors from AWI and ZMT.