Teaching and Education

The section Polar Terrestrial Environmental Systems offers lectures, seminars and practical courses at the University Potsdam, in English language.


MGEW13 Paläoklimadynamik

MGEW15 Permafrostlandschaften

MGEW19 Terrestrische Paläoökologie


For more information go to Vorlesungsverzeichnis of the University Potsdam.

Projects for students

The section Polar Terrestrial Environmental Systems regularly offers opportunities for students to get involved in ongoing research projects with a Master Thesis or an internship. The possible themes are related to our main research fields.

If you are interested in a Master thesis project in one of our main research fields you are welcome to send an email application to the responsible senior scientist. The application should contain a cover letter, a CV, relevant certificates, a list of courses attended during the studies, and your computer skills (software and programming languages). You also should state the envisaged starting point for the thesis project.