The PhD Representatives at AWI

The "DokTeam"

All PhD students who are working at AWI are represented by PhD representatives - the "DokTeam". This annually elected group typically consist of 13 PhD candidates of which seven are located in Bremerhaven and two at each of the outer stations Potsdam, Helgoland and Sylt. A lively exchange between the DokTeam members is ensured through monthly video conferences.



Areas of responsibility

Political Representation

We advocate the interests of all PhD students, e.g. concerning working contracts, work agreements or support for scholarship holders. For this purpose, we meet regularly with AWI's scientific director Prof. Karin Lochte and send a representative to all faculty meetings.

Communication & Mentoring

We act as contact for information and questions concerning all topics relevant for PhDs. We send important information to all PhD students and mediate in various issues between the students and the respective parties.

We provide advice and assistance for potential future PhD candidates and offer new PhDs a mentoring program to settle more easily into the PhD life.

Social Activities

To promote networking and exchange between the PhD students, we organize various activities such as

  • PhD Days: a yearly meeting by PhDs for PhDs at the outer stations Potsdam, Helgoland and Sylt. The PhD Days 2016 took place in Potsdam in may.
  • AWI Science Meeting: a conference organized by PhD students in which 3rd year PhDs present their main results to all interested AWI staff (in 2016 on the 8th of Dec. )
  • Monthly get-together ("PhD Stammtisch")
  • Summer Barbecue, Christmas Party and "Kohltour"


We inform and support PhD students regarding possibilities to present their research to a wider public and to pass on their knowledge to the next generation of scientists.


We communicate ideas and criticism of PhD students regarding environmental issues within AWI and inform all PhD students about AWI's steps towards more sustainability.

Homepage & IT

Regular maintenance of external and internal PhD websites allows us to make important information accessible for (future) PhD candidates and provide an overview of important events.


General E-Mail


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