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Support for AWI climate and environmental research

The melting of ice, global warming and rising sea levels are examples of the significant changes in the global environment and the earth's climate that in recent decades have been proven beyond doubt. These influences, some of which are caused by human activity, are already having an impact on the living conditions of many people today and will intensify in the future. Therefore, the research activities of the Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) are primarily focused on this complex array of topics.

The AWI was founded in 1980 as a foundation under public law with its registered office in Bremerhaven.  Subsequently expanded to include facilities in Potsdam and Oldenburg and on the islands of Helgoland and Sylt, AWI conducts climate and marine research, especially in the polar regions and the North Sea. If you would like to support this important work, we cordially invite you to become a member of our association!

Become a member of the Association of Friends and Sponsors

As a member of the Association of Friends and Sponsors of the Alfred Wegener Institute, you can contribute to supporting the Institute and its scientific work.

Association members are regularly informed first-hand about the work of the Alfred Wegener Institute and current events. Beyond that, they are of course personally invited to the events of the Association, so that they can participate in the current developments in polar and marine research on an ongoing basis.

The annual minimum membership fees are currently 30 euros for individuals (reduced: 10 euros for pupils, trainees, students, doctoral students) and 300 euros for public corporations, associations, institutions and companies in the commercial sector. The membership fee and additional donations are tax-deductible.

Membership must be applied for in writing.

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Contact and Account Details

Friends and supporters of the Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research e. V.
Am Handelshafen 12
27570 Bremerhaven


Contact person:

Katharina Kramer

Phone: 0471-4831-2252
Fax: 0471-4831-1102


Bank details:

Friends and supporters of the Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research e. V.

(„Alfred-Wegener-Institut Förderverein“)

Account: 100 836 25 90

Deutsche Kreditbank

ZIP: 120 300 00

(IBAN: DE31 1203 0000 1008 3625 90)


We are always pleased about inquiries and your interest!

Articles of the Association

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Tasks and Objectives

The non-profit association "Friends and Supporters of the Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research”  is a contact point for all those who are interested in and would like to support, the research and work of the Alfred Wegener Institute. The aim of the Association is not only to financially support the activities of the Institute, but also to support the ideals of the Institute in increasing our knowledge of climate and marine systems for the benefit of humankind.

Tasks of the Association are for example:

  • promoting special projects in the fields of polar and marine research
  • organizing scientific events
  • informing the public about polar and marine research concerns
  • supporting young researchers
  • maintaining contacts between the Alfred Wegener Institute and schools in Germany
  • promoting national and international scientific contacts
  • fostering relations between active and former members of the Alfred Wegener Institute

In addition, the Association annually awards the AWI PhD Student Prize, the Silent Hero Award, the AWI Science Prize and the AWI Transfer Prize. The doctoral prize is awarded to outstanding promoters who actively contribute (or have contributed) to their working group and the AWI in general. The Silent Hero Award recognizes those employees who work in the background and with their special commitment make an important contribution to the success of research, expeditions and major projects. The AWI Science Prize is awarded to outstanding publications, especially those written by research associates. The AWI Transfer Prize honours special activities in the field of knowledge and technology transfer.

AWI Prizes 2020

The Association of Friends and Sponsors of the AWI endows five prizes annually: the AWI Doctoral Award, the AWI Science Award, the AWI Transfer Award, The Science Communication Award and the Silent Hero Award. Instead of presenting the AWI awards in person at the annual AWI Christmas party, the awards are now presented on a digital stage.

AWI spezial prize 2020

Silent Hero Award 2020

AWI Award for Science Communication 2020

AWI Transfer Award 2020

AWI Science Award 2020

AWI Doctoral Award 2020

Governing Body

The members of the Association form the general assembly. It elects an honorary executive board from among its members:

  • a chairperson
  • two deputy chairpersons
  • a treasurer
  • if necessary, further members elected by the general assembly

Executive Board members are currently:


Dr Holger Bienhold

Deputy Chair

Deputy Chair

Prof Dr Karen Helen Wiltshire