Data Flow Framework

A generic and sustainable framework for enabling the seamless flow of sensor observations to archives.  This framework builds upon international OGC standards for metadata and data interoperability and is meant to assist scientists in developing enhanced data products and in facilitating the data re-use.  AWI's data flow framework consists of seven modular and extensible components as depicted below. Read article.


Enables management, tracing and citing of sensor-related information.  The solutions we built also allow for tracking the event history of sensors and supports alert services.


Enables near real-time transfer of data collected from ship-mounted sensors, buoys, moorings, etc  into data storage solutions on land.  


Enables monitoring of near real-time data using highly customizable dashboards.


Provides solutions for data storage, processing and long term preservation. 


Supports scientists in data analysis and visualization activities.


Offers archival and long-term preservation solutions for data, data products, publications, presentations and field reports.


Offers an integrative one-stop-shop framework for discovery and re-use of scientific content originating primarily from AWI research platforms.  

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