As a student assistant (HiWi) at AWI

Would you like to earn some money besides your studies while becoming familiar with the everyday working life of scientists, technicians, system administrators, and many others? Whether in research, logistics or in the computer centre – in many sections at the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) you may have the possibility to work as a student assistant (HiWi) for a limited period of time.

Depending on the job site and your experience you could take part in conducting extensive laboratory experiments or field campaigns, support routine tasks in the lab or at the computer, look over the sytem administrators' shoulders during their work or be involved in the preparation of expeditions. Occasionally, there might be the possibility to get an employment as a HiWi following a voluntary internship at AWI.

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Scientific departments:
Direct contact by phone or e-mail with leading scientists in the respective sections or working groups (Science).

General inquiries:
Secretariats of scientific departments (Biosciences, Geosciences, Climate Sciences) or
Human Resources Department