Media Centre of the Alfred Wegener Institute

The Alfred-Wegener-Institut, Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung, offers a public media centre. Here we show pictures of remote places of the world and extreme conditions. Most pictures were taken by scientist and engineers during research expeditions and those individuals retain the copyright to their images. The copyright remains with the photographer. Pictures can be used pursuant the terms of use and the licence documented in the image data. The exact usage rights are stored in the metadata (IPTC) of images. Metadata may not be changed or removed. The AWI gives two different license types.

Creative Commons Licence - Public Media Centre

Under the creative commons licence CC-BY 4.0 the AWI places images, which can be used freely – given the regarding copyright annotation which are provided in the metadata. The copyright annotation has the following form:

Alfred-Wegener-Institut/[name of the photographer] (CC-BY 4.0)

Trademark: The creative commons licence does not extend to the AWI logo and its components, nor to elements of the AWI corporate identity. The AWI logo – also if fixed on any of the research infrastructures – is not allowed to be used without an existing permission of utilisation granted by the AWI.

Licence for editorial use - Media Centre for Journalists

Images, those rights of further circulation are limited, are provided with a licence for editorial use only. They can only be used in editorially generated media. The licence explicitly excludes the usage of the images for advertising and commercial use beyond editorial media.

If you have questions about the use or need the data in higher resolution or higher quality, please contact the Communications and Media Department.