Projects, Collaborations, Networks

We are involved in projects funded by BMBF, DFG, AWI's strategy fund and other funding sources. Cooperations and collaborations have led to a strong network links in the national and international paleoclimate communities.

Utilizing Regression Relationships to Enable Seasonal Prediction on Federal Waterways (AWI - Bundesanstalt für Gewässerkunde)

This project aims at enabling forcasting of seasonal variations in water levels and currents in Germany’s rivers based upon stable teleconnections, global climate indexes, and surface temperatures.

Contact person: Monica Ionita-Scholz; website:


OC1 "The Ocean in the Earth System" Seasonal and Decadal Climate Variability determined from Ocean Data, Coral Proxies, and Model Simulations, Excellence Cluster Marum

Large-scale ocean circulation is influenced by a variety of processes, for instance ventilation of the overturning circulation and interconnections between the subpolar and subtropical gyres. We aim to use both model simulations as well as paleoclimate proxies to examine this influence and the corresponding trigger mechanisms, which, occur on time scales varying from 10 to 1000 years.

Contact persons: Christopher Danek | Gerrit Lohmann; website:


OC3 „The Ocean in the Earth System“ Interaction between the Atmosphere and Ocean at the high and mid Latitudes, Excellence Cluster Marum

This project aims to examine the influence of iron dust on the global climate, and the corresponding feedbacks between the high and mid latitudes, which occur on timescales ranging from one year to hundreds of thousands of years. A key aim is to examine feasibility of geoengineering projects in order to adapt to possible future climate change due to anthropogenic influence.

Contact persons: Monica Ionita-Scholz | Gerrit Lohmann, website:


CSC-Project Climate Variability

In this project we aim at investigating past climate variability by means of climate modelling. We focus in particular on the study of feedback mechanisms that include ocean circulation and the effects of sea ice and ice sheets.

Contact person: Xiaoxu Shi; project finance provided by China Scholarship Council


Paleoclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project, Phase 4 (PMIP4)

In the framework of the Paleoclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project, Phase 4 (PMIP4) we compare our climate models and their results with those of other research groups. In this context the following climate states are considered: Interglacials of the Quaternary, the climate of the Pliocene (via the PMIP4-associated Pliocene Model Intercomparison Project, Phase 2 (PlioMIP2)), selected pre-Pliocene climate states, as well as the decay of ice sheets during the last glacial period.

Contact persons: Gerrit Lohmann | Christian Stepanek; websites:,


PAGES - Past Global Changes

PAGES supports scientific approaches to understand past environmental conditions with the aim of compiling projections for the future. The PAGES community brings together experts for paleo-climate and paleo-environment, and their supporters.

Contact person: Gerrit Lohmann; website: