AWI Sylt

Hafenstraße 43
25992 List

Gästehaus Möbius

Listlandstraße 18b
25992 List

Gästehaus Pringsheim

Hafenstraße 34
3825992 List

Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten

Hafenstraße 37
25992 List/Sylt

Research at the AWI Sylt: The research station of the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research, offers a modern laboratory complex with research opportunities for 30 scientific and technical staff.

Arrival by train

If you are traveling by train to Sylt, you have to take the train to Westerland/Sylt. At Westerland Station transfer to the bus number 1 heading to List and get off the bus at the stop "List Hafen". Caution: If you take the bus, any special-fare train tickets like the "Schleswig-Holstein-Ticket" are not valid. You have to buy a bus ticket, which costs 4,95 Euro from Westerland Bus Station to the stop "List Hafen" (Have some change handy, because the bus drivers usually do not take bills)  

Get off the bus at "List Hafen" and start walking into the direction of the science centre "Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten", which you can see from the bus stop. The AWI Sylt is located behind the science centre. It should take less than 10 minutes to reach the main entrance.

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Arrival by car

To reach Sylt by car, go to Niebüll and take the car train (SyltShuttle) to Westerland. This train terminates at Westerland (ZOB) Station on Sylt. From there, follow the signs to List. After passing the town sign, follow the signs to the port. There you will see the "Forces of Nature Exhibition" where you find a parking area. From there it is about a five minute walk to the institute building which is located directly behind the adventure center and offers no parking for guests. Therefore, you should use the parking area in front of the center.

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Contact Persons

Prof. Dr. Karen Helen Wiltshire
Dr. Kerstin Mölter
(Station Manager)
Dr. Lisa Shama
(Coordinator Visiting Scientists Sylt)
Dr. Finn Mielck
(Scientific Coordinator MYA II)

Postal address
Hafenstraße 43
25992 List/Sylt 
0 46 51 / 956 0
0 46 51 / 956 200

Guest house Möbius
Listlandstraße 18b
25992 List/Sylt

Guest house Pringsheim
Hafenstraße 34-38
25992 List/Sylt

Photo gallery: Research at the AWI Sylt

Since more than 100 years scientists have been investigating the Wadden Sea around Sylt. That is why, the new building of the AWI Sylt could have never been the first research base at Sylt - however, it definitely is the most modern one. This photo gallery shows the research base and gives some impressions, what working at the AWI Sylt looks like.