Potter Cove

Potter Cove (Co-ordinates: 62°14´S, 58°40´W' ) is located on King George Island north of the antarctic peninsula one of the fastest warming areas on earth. The time series at and around Potter Cove are operated as a collaboration between Argentinian and German Colleagues. They use Carlini Station as their base.

Regularly measured parameters include (among others) Water temperature (SST, salinity, total suspended particulate (TSPM) matter and chlorophyll a (see also: https://www.st.nmfs.noaa.gov/copepod/time-series/de-30401/).

Principal investigators: 

Doris Abele: Hydrography, biology, ecology, sea ice.

Irene Schloss: Hydrography, biology

Zooplankton time series of the Polarstern expeditions


Several long-term data sets exist which have been collected on RV Polarstern for the past 30 years but these have never previously been made available as one coherent data set and therefore, as different methods and sampling protocols had been applied over the years, their potential for the analysis in a time series context, i.e. for the investigation of long-term processes. was not clear. In 2015/16 this situation was remedied by creating a metadata inventory for all zooplankton and phytoplankton data collected in the Antarctic, particularly for the Weddell Sea and adjacent areas such as the Scotia and Lazarev Seas