Geophysical research in the polar regions investigates the subsurface from the seafloor down to the earth's mantle. We provide constraints to better understand the role of the polar regions in tectonic processes and the resulting environmental changes. We are interested in long time scales, involving changes in the polar environment over the last 160 million years. Our target areas in the northern hemisphere are Svalbard, Greenland, northern Canada, Siberia and the Arctic Ocean. In the southern hemisphere we mainly investigate the oceans around Antarctica and the sub glacial geology of the continent, but also operate off Africa, South America, Australia and New Zealand, which were geologically contiguous with Antarctica through much of Earth's history. We aim to understand the processes that control the drift of the continents, how the opening of various oceanic gateways influenced global climate on long timescales. Our research in the polar regions is difficult due to the harsh environmental conditions. Polar researchers need to be strong and motivated people. The scientific and technical expertise of the entire Geophysical team guarantees exciting discoveries in the future.

Head of Section
Prof. Dr. Vera Schlindwein

Constance Oberdieck

Responsible for Websites
Dr. Gabriele Uenzelmann-Neben
Jölund Asseng