The cryo-Raman spectrometer of the Glaciology section is optimised for measurements on ice and other frozen samples.

The whole microscope unit is situated directly in the cryolab and connected to the operator's place and the spectrometer via optical fibers. This setup enables preparation and measurement of sensitive ice samples in the same lab, without interrupting the cooling of the samples.

Contrary to conventional cryo-stages, much larger samples can be used. Long-time measurements  across several days are also possible.


The high spatial and spectral resolution and the automated mapping features enable high-precision measurements on various frozen samples:

  • Identification of phases and inclusions in polar ice (solid, liquid, gaseous)
  • Gas measurements in individual air inclusions (bubbles and air hydrates)
  • Mapping of gas distributions inside of air hydrates
  • Tomographic scans and 3D reconstructions
  • microstructural measurements