For graduate theses into AWI

The Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) promotes students already at the start of their academic career. Through close connections of our scientists to a regional network of universities and their tight networking in national and international collaborations, you may have the opportunity to contribute to interesting projects at an early stage during your studies.

Within the scope of graduate theses you can closely experience research at a non-university research institute and may establish first contacts for your further career steps (e.g. a doctorate at AWI). For writing a graduate thesis at AWI, you should early become aquainted with the various disciplines and research topics. Furthermore, you can proactively contact prospective supervisors.

The blue links will help you to find the right contact person and topics.


Scientific departments:
Direct contact by phone or e-mail with leading scientists in the respective sections or working groups (Science).

General inquiries:
Secretariats of scientific departments (Biosciences, Geosciences, Climate Sciences) or
Human Resources Department