This page about the contact persons at the AWI is currently under construction and will be completed.

Contact persons for the AGG

Under the provisions of the General Equal Treatment Act, employees may complain to the competent authority if, in the context of their employment relationship, they believe they have been unequally treated through the conduct of their employer, their superiors, other employees or third parties on the basis of race, ethnic origin, gender, religion or world view, disability, age or sexual identity. 

For the purposes of the General Equal Treatment Act, applicants for an employment relationship are also deemed employees.

The Board of Appeal at the Alfred Wegener Institute is constituted by Katharina Kramer.

Additional information is provided on the site of the Board of Appeal under the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) in the Alfred Wegener Institut.

Anti-Corruption Officer

The Anti-Corruption Officer of the AWI is a contact person with regard to actual or suspected corruption. He acts as an advisor and mediator between whistleblowers, the directorate and law enforcement agencies, to prevent and combat corruption. Since 01 January 2023 Heinrich Weingart helds the position of Anti-Corruption Officer of the AWI, appointed by the Directorate. He can be reached as follows: