Precision Salinometer System

The Precision Salinometer calculates the salinity of a water sample from the measurement of the electrical conductivity and the determination of its temperature. The calculations are based on the Practical Salinity Scale 1978 (PSS78) as published by UNESCO.

 Main properties

  • reproducibility of salinity measurements better than 0.2/1000
  • no air condition needed, works well under thermally adverse conditions
  • pre bath adjusts the sample water temperature; heat input to main bath is minimized
  • processor-controlled automated measurements
  • results are independent of operator experience
  • full documentation of all measurement parameters
  • auto-diagnosis of warm-up time (typically below 10 min)
  • Ethernet and USB connections, can be network controlled
  • enlarged intervals between standardizations
  • solid construction according to aviation standards, resulting in high EMV-resistance
  • no congestion of capillary tubes
  • all software included
  • touch screen user interface
  • small transport case: Alu Zarges Box 40 x 60 x 80 cm