AWI Potsdam (A43)

Gebäude A43
14473 Potsdam

AWI Potsdam (A45)

Gebäude A45
14473 Potsdam


The Alfred Wegener Institute's research centre in Potsdam: Here the focus lies on geoscientific studies in periglacial areas at the edge of ice sheets and in permafrost regions, as well as on modelling and experimental investigations on atmospheric processes in the Polar Regions. The Potsdam AWI scientists undertake expeditions to Antarctica and the Arctic. They increasingly devote themselves to Arctic research - in particular to the permafrost areas of Siberia and the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard – because these regions hold the keys to the understanding of the climate events in Europe.

How to get here

Potsdam is situated in northeastern Germany, just southwest of Berlin. Motorways, airports and major railway lines allow easy access from within and outside of Germany.

Arrival by train

Most regional fast trains bypass Potsdam on their way to Berlin. Generally, we recommend getting off at station ‘Berlin Hauptbahnhof’ and taking the regional train RE1 to ‘Potsdam Hauptbahnhof’ (Potsdam main station), which takes approximately 20 minutes.

To get to Potsdam from Berlin main station, you need an ABC Ticket which you have to get stamped on the platform.

How to get to the Research Unit in Potsdam
The AWI Research Unit Potsdam is located on the Telegrafenberg, the historic science campus ‘Albert Einstein’, South of Potsdam's city centre. From the railway station ‘Potsdam Hauptbahnhof’, a 20 minute walk takes you to the campus on the Telegrafenberg. Alternatively, a taxi takes less than 5 minutes and costs approximately 5 Euro. Local public transport in Potsdam (bus and tram), does not service the Telegrafenberg directly. There are two AWI buildings on the campus. The old one (A43) is located on the right-hand side, about 50 m from the entrance of the campus, and the new laboratory building (A45) is located about 100 m left of the campus' gateway.

Arrival by car

Potsdam is located just southwest of Berlin, within the ‘Berliner Ring’, a circular motorway surrounding Berlin. From nearly all directions, the simplest way to Potsdam is via the ‘Berliner Ring’ (A10), exit 17 ‘Potsdam-Süd/Michendorf’, subsequently following the road B2 to Potsdam.

600 metres past the ‘Potsdam’ city limit sign, turn right into ‘Brauhausberg’ street, also signposted for ‘Landtag’. After 1.2 km, turn right again into ‘Albert-Einstein’-street (signposted ‘GeoForschungsZentrum’), which will lead directly to the entrance of the campus.

Arrival by plane

Berlin has two airports: Tegel (TXL) and Schönefeld (SXF). From any of these airports, Potsdam can be reached by public transport (see below).

Tegel (TXL) airport
From Tegel (TXL) airport take bus line X9 or 109 to station ‘Zoologischer Garten’ in Berlin, follow the signs to the regional train station, then take the regional train RE1 to Potsdam main station (‘Potsdam Hauptbahnhof’).

Schönefeld (SFX) airport
From Schönefeld (SFX) airport take the regional train RB 22 to ‘Potsdam Hauptbahnhof’. Alternatively, take the suburban train (S-Bahn) line S9. Change trains at station ‘Westkreuz’, from where the S7 goes to ‘Potsdam Hauptbahnhof’.


Head of Research Unit
apl. Prof. Dr. Bernhard Diekmann

Gabriela Nitsche

Postfach 60 01 49
14401 Potsdam