These are our research areas:

Climate Analysis

  • Understanding the functioning of the climate system (mean and variability)
  • Exploring the influence of polar climate change on the weather and climate in mid-latitudes
  • Explaining the role of the polar regions in the global climate system

Climate Modelling

  • Developing sea ice-ocean models based on unstructured mesh methods and their incorporation into climate models
  • Exploring the benefit of variable resolution in climate modelling
  • Developing the next generation of high resolution sea ice models
  • Representation of ice shelf-ocean in global climate models
  • Coupling of biogeochemical process modelling with our models
  • Contributions to international Model Intercomparison Projects (MIPs)

Climate Predictions and Projections

  • Determining the limits of predictability
  • Contributing to improving operational forecasting systems
  • Representation of uncertainty in climate models
  • Provision of reliable projections for the 21st century
  • Understanding the physics of climate change

Data Assimilation

  • Development and application of inverse modelling and variational approaches
  • Implementation and application of ensemble-based data assimilation methods
  • Diagnosis of model error
  • Observing system design