Work Package 1

International Integration and Policy Guidance

Work Package 1 includes project management and a strategic component, both targeted to supporting the EU-PolarNet actions. Work Package 1 will guarantee an effective, smooth and high-quality performance of the EU-PolarNet project, with respect to both contractual and financial management as well as operational and strategic management. It will provide support to the other EU-PolarNet work packages by organising the so called Town Hall Meetings, workshops and policy briefings.

Additionally, Work Package 1 also has strategic objectives, such as developing a strategy to connect and integrate EU-PolarNet with international partners and organisations. A robust communication between EU-PolarNet and its international partners will be implemented and sustained with the support of Work Package 4. Work Package 1 will support the European Commission and national decision makers by providing evidence - based guidance to policy questions related to the polar regions.


Work Package tasks and objectives

  • Task 1.1 - The contractual and financial management of EU-PolarNet;

  • Task 1.2 - The operational management, the coordination of the work package and task leaders, as well as the consortium's internal communication, in order to guarantee an effective day-to-day management and create group dynamics and integration for the whole consortium.

  • Task 1.3 - To strengthen and improve the international cooperation and to implement the Transatlantic Research Alliance;

  • Task 1.4 - The evidence-based policy guidance, in order to Support the implementation of the EU´s international commitments in the Polar Regions.