Freight handling

General remarks

  • any freight must be stowed seaworthily (shockproof, closed, stackable, waterproof)
  • we generally expect that any freight is frost proof
  • frost susceptible freight must be bundled and delivered separately and must be marked respectively
  • in case that you deliver more than 10 boxes see to it that they are palletized
  • if you have packages which cannot be born make sure that they can be transported by forklifts
  • in order to avoid confusion remove all old marks, labels, stickers etc. from your packages
  • for identification purposes all packages must be furnished with special marks on all sides as well as above (see documents below)
  • all packages must be marked with a colour code on all sides as well as above (e.g. with coloured tape). If your university, institution or section has no colour code yet, please turn to the freight department
  • For the transport handling of lithium batteries, the test report according to Part III, subsection 38.3 of the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria (page 420 ff, 6MB) must always be provided

AWI has made good experience with aluminium boxes. Safe packing and thus safe transport of expedition equipment is crucial for success or failure of a project. Secure your boxes with simple and cheap padlocks or stable cable ties, thus creating a minimum of safety against unauthorized access. In case of opening by authorities such as customs the loss of a cheap securing device is not that severe.

Processing times and deadlines

The following minimum processing times are needed by the colleagues of AWI freight department in order to guarantee a handling of your transport in accordance with regulatory framework, so please adhere to the mentioned processing times when contacting us with your demands:


·         expeditions:                     according to the respective deadlines

·         road transports:              7 working days

·         air transports.                  7 working days, 12 working days if dangerous goods are included

·         sea transports:                15 working days

·         expeditionequiment to or from Helgoland by Heincke or Uthörn: 7 working days                   


In case of non-compliance with those deadlines, timely transport cannot be guaranteed.


Freight handling:

Anna-Lena Bohlen 
Dangerous goods, shore expeditions

Silke Henkel
polar aircraft, AWIPEV, Neumayer III, Carlini Station/ Dallmann Laboratory

Nina Machner
Polarstern incl. dangerous goods and Neumayer/Kohnen if transported on board Polarstern

Marcus Meierdierks
Transports EU, other vessels, aircrafts

Matthias von Häfen
Transports Germany, courier-/express shipments, Heincke

Jan Kahl
Transports and customs handling for AWI site in Potsdam

Volker Aßmann
Transports for AWI site in Potsdam

Sofia Antonova (absent, deputy Oliver Schulze)
Travel arrangements and koordination Siberia

Dangerous goods:

Anna-Lena Bohlen
Matthias von Häfen (Deputy)

Customs handling:

Stefanie Klüver
Guido Kunze
Jana Maria Jagels

Radioactive material:
Magnus Lucassen