Expedition equipment is used in so-called "third countries" (outside the European Union). Thus, the legal standards concerning export control have to be complied with. For equipment not belonging to our institution, the sender/owner must present a filled-in export declaration. This is needed by the AWI to organize the export according to instructions. Relevant information is offered on the customs homepage ( The export declaration serves as a proof for the re-import of the goods after the expedition. In addition, the customs form "INF.3" (form No. 0329) can be used. Before export, this has to be processed by the sender's/owner's local customs office together with the export declaration.

Deliveries to the AWI warehouse (attention to customs regulations)

Special procedures are necessary for the transport of community goods into the free trade area (free trade zone/AWI warehouse). When entering the free trade zone at the Bremerhaven customs office (Franziusstr. 1, or Senator-Borttscheller-Str. 12), the goods (e.g. expedition equipment) have to be presented together with the form "status certificate" (in duplicate). The forms can be obtained at the Bremerhaven customs office (for this purpose please present two copies of the complete freight list as an attachment). After clearance through customs, the status certificate has to be presented at the AWI warehouse together with the equipment.


After the end of the expedition the equipment is made available for pickup at our AWI warehouse. As this is situated in the Bremerhaven free trade zone (free port), no customs clearance is arranged from our side (re-import/returned goods regulation). The import declaration must be submitted by the owners or their agents/forwarding agents at the responsible customs office in Bremerhaven (DE002452) in digital form. For a declaration as returned goods, a proof of export, as well as e.g. a form INF.3 is possible.Further information can be found at

In case that customs clearance of the returning equipment shall be effected by the receiver, the equipment has to be transported under customs control, means of the so-called "forwarding process" (T1) from the AWI warehouse to the receiver. This process must be initiated by the commissioned forwarder/carrier with the local Bremerhaven customs office (DE002452).

Sample materials

For sample materials collected an import procedure must be initiated, for these are no returned goods. In connection with the import, actual regulations are to be adhered to (protection of species, permissions, import of animal products etc.). Documents as provided in section "handling of animal by-products" allow for an import of by-products (samples) by AWI’s Logistics and research platforms department via the border inspection in Bremerhaven to the AWI. Participants need to arrange picking up their samples at AWI with the chief scientist or the person in charge of samples.

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Customs procedures for: (text in German only)

  • Expedition equipment
  • AWI transports to/from Helgoland (7 workdays notice)


Internal customs information for AWI staff: here.