Team assistant

Technical assistance in projects

PhD students

Julia Ehrlich, WG H. Flores

Johanna Hessel, WG K. Metfies

Flavia Höring, PolarTime

Mirta Jacobs, WG K. Valentin

Andreas Rogge, WG A. Waite

Rita Melo Franco Santos, WG B. Niehoff

Pim Sprong, WG K. Metfies





Elizabeth Bonk

Fenina Buttler

Dr. Astrid Cornils

Dr. Carmen David

Dr. Daniela Freese

Dr. Lars Friedrichs

Dr. Kristin Hardge

Dr. Doreen Kohlbach

Dr. Benjamin Lange

Dr. Henrieke Tonkes

Dr. Christian Wolf

Dr. Eric Raes

Prof. Anya Waite



Students, guests

Dr. Charlotte Havermanns, Functional Ecology





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