Arctic and Antarctic sea ice are essential elements of our climate system.

In the Sea Ice Physics section, we are working on a better understanding of sea ice processes and changes. This will help to evaluate the status quo as well as potential future developments. Key questions are the following:

  • What are the reasons for the dramatic changes in Arctic sea ice during the last decades?
  • Why is the development of sea ice in the Antarctic so different to the Arctic  and shows strong regional differences?    
  • How does snow on sea ice influence the observed variability of Arctic and Antarctic sea ice?
  • How do variations in melt and freeze rates impact the ocean and the atmosphere in the Arctic and Antarctic?       
  • What are the consequences for the environment by increasing commercial activities of the polar ocean due to Arctic sea ice retreat?

We apply, improve, and develop various methods to study sea ice and snow processes in both hemispheres, including the interaction of atmosphere and ocean.


Section Head:
Prof. Dr. Christian Haas

Dr. Marcel Nicolaus

Assistance / Website:
Lilian Schubert

Further links:

  • Helmholtz climate initiative REKLIM