Micropaleontology Lab

The micropaleontology lab is equipped to conduct morphological analyses including extraction, microscopic preparation and taxonomic investigations of microfossils from terrestrial plants e.g. pollen grains and aquatic organisms e.g. diatom valves and chironomids from lake sediment archives or permafrost deposits. Microfossil analyses are used to investigate spatial and temporal changes and environmental reconstructions in Arctic terrestrial ecosystems.

Pollen Laboratory is equipped for

  • working safely with hydrofluoric acid for pollen grain extraction
  • preparing diatom and chironomid microscopic slides
  • analyses with Zeiss Axio microscopes
  • manipulation of samples with Zeiss Axiovert microscope and micro-manipulator

Dr. Kathleen Stoof-Leichsenring

Technical staff
Sarah Olischläger
Janine Klimke