Automatic Weather Station Søråsen

2016-01-21 an automatic weather station was installed on a gentle hill called Søråsen (-71.21625, -10.06716) 574 m above sea level. Together with the Halvfarryggen to the east, both hills surroud the Ekstöm Ice Shelf on which Neumayer Station is situated. The distance to Neumayer add up to 100 km.

The AWS is powered by a solar panel and a robust wind turbine. The solar panel points in a southward direction in order to minimize the disturbances on the northward pointing radiation measurements. The solar panel is inclined to the surface to get illuminated from from the reflex radiation which is independent from the angle of the direct radiation.

The minutely averages of the data acquisition get transfered to AWI Bremerhaven via IRIDIUM and visualized on this web page as promt as possible, see below. Additional, the data get used to perform hourly synoptic weather reports  which get coded according to the  FM-12 code and distributed in the GTS under the WMO# 89011. Since the IRIDIUM transfer is not working propperly for 100% all minutely averages get stored inside the AWS as backup.


Yearly overview of AWS Søråsen data (Graphic: Alfred-Wegener-Institut) Daily overview AWS Søråsen data (Graphic: Alfred-Wegener-Institut)