Visiting Scientists

The station has two dedicated guest laboratories with basic microscopesn (stereo/binocular), scales, freshwater and seawater supplies, refrigerators, drying ovens and a fume hood.

In addition to the basic facilities outlined above, visiting scientists that are directly collaborating with an AWI Sylt researcher have access to

  • the nutrient analysis (e.g. autoanalyserm C/N analyser, muffle furnaces, spectrometers, salinometers)
  • micro- and molecular biology laboratories (e.g. clean bench, shaking incubator, PCR, real-time PCR, and QIAxcel capillary electrophoresis)
  • temperature-constant rooms equipped with CO2 supply
  • outdoor mesocosms comprising twelve 1800 l replicate tanks capable of simulting ocean warming and acidification under various tidal conditions.

List is the home harbour of the AWI`s state-of-the-art research vessel MYA II that can be hired for short research cruises to take pelagic or benthic samples. The MYA II is additionally equipped with a wet lab, IT desk for data uploading, Ferrybox, ADCP (acoustic doppler current profile), BIOSONIC (biomass echo sounder), and a multi beam echosounder.


Scientists who are interested in visiting our station should fill in the appllication form (see below) and contact Dr. Lisa Shama.

Contact Person
Visiting Scientists Sylt

Dr. Lisa Shama

Technical Assistance
Visiting Scientists Sylt

Birgit Hussel

Scientific Coordinator RV MYA II
Dr. Finn Mielck