Dr. Judith Hauck

Team leader 

I studied marine sciences and have worked on the global and Southern Ocean carbon cycle using repeat observations, global ocean biogeochemical models, and data and model analysis. My main interest is to understand mechanisms behind variability and change of ocean-atmosphere and ocean interior carbon fluxes. Right now, I’m  analyzing the carbon cycle in Fesom-REcoM and processing the different inputs to the ocean carbon sink estimate in the Global Carbon Budget. 

Dr. Özgür Gürses

Scientific programmer

My background includes investigation of the circulation dynamics in the Turkish Strait System and the relation between the unstructured mesh technology and the ocean circulation variability on a global scale.

Right now I am working on coupling between sea ice/ocean/atmosphere/marine biogeochemistry; AWI-CM-REcoM (AWI-ESM/ECHAM6-FESOM-RECOM) model development and analysis; and high resolution marine biogeochemical simulations with FESOM-1.4-RECOM

Dr. Laurent Oziel

Post Doc

I monitor physical changes in the Arctic environment (Ocean currents, water masses, mesoscale features, mixing, sea ice…) and study their impacts on phytoplankton dynamics (biomass, primary productivity, phenology, spatial distribution, composition, trends …). I used a collection of tools from in situ data (autonomous or traditional platforms) to remote sensing (ocean color, altimetry, infrared) but I am currently focusing more on BGC modelling in the framework of the H2020 COMFORT project.

Dr. Cara Nissen

Post Doc

I have a background in physical oceanography and biogeochemical modeling. My main interests are marine carbon and nutrient cycling and how ocean physics and biology interact to shape the distribution of these elements, particularly in the Southern Ocean. In my current project, I use the model FESOM-REcoM to quantify carbon fluxes in the Weddell Sea, with the aim to assess possible tipping points in Antarctic Bottom Water formation and carbon sequestration.

M.Sc. Miriam Seifert

PhD Student

I'm a marine biologist. While during my Master thesis, I worked on local observations of the carbon cycle in polar environments, I switched to global modelling of biogeochemical cycles for my PhD. I'm interested in the investigation of the impacts of multiple ecosystem drivers on phytoplankton by assessing current literature and by implementing these effects into the biogeochemical model REcoM.

M.Sc. Onur Karakus

PhD Student

I have a bachelor's degree in mathematics and a master's degree in oceanography. I worked on the implementation of Antarctic krill to global biogeochemical model REcoM coupled with FESOM during my master thesis. Currently, I am working on the implementation of different zooplankton groups to REcoM. I have an interest in data analysis and numerical modeling.