Current Meteorological Data

Polarstern is well equipped for meteorological research as well as for routine meteorological services. The meteorological observatory is permanently manned with a weather technician/-observer from the German Weather Service (DWD) who performs the routine 3-hourly synoptic observations and the daily upper air soundings. The measurements are coded and transferred directly to the Global Telecommunication System (GTS) by email where they contribute to weather forecasting.

The weather forecaster from Polarstern is responsible to advice the ships captain as well as the helicopter pilots and all scientists in any weather related question. The forecaster gets assistance from the weather technician who performs the satellite picture reception and manages the near real time data flow.

Current Meteorological Data

Meteorological Data since 1982

All meteorological sensors get continuously registered from the DSHIP-System. After a journey is finished all meteorological data get validated and archived at AWI. The data can be accessed for free via the Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science PANGAEA. The data get used in climate research to validate models as well as satellite measurements and to detect climate trends.

The obtained datasets can be divided into the following groups:

The Advanced Search Modus from PANGAEA can be used to search for data from a limited time frame. Via the Data Warehouse from PANGAEA the extraction of any selected parameter from any search result is possible.