Solute fluxes

Along the Sediment-Water-Transition-Zone (SWTZ), intensive solute fluxes of e.g., nutrients, O2, trace gases and trace elements are observed. This is due to microbial degradation of organic matter or dissolution as well as precipitation of particles. This causes a re-flux of solutes (e.g., nutrients) from the sediment back into the bottom water, for example. Such solute fluxes are caused by transport processes like diffusion, advection or biologically mediated transport (e.g., bioirrigation).

The objective of our research is the quantification of solute fluxes by in situ investigation as well as sampling and analysis aboard ship. For these purposes, benthic lander systems or devices for sediment sampling are applied. The derived data allow us to identify and quantify biogeochemical processes.


Prof. Dr. Michael Schlueter