Lectures and exercises for students at the University of Bremen, FB01, Physics and Electrical Engineering are part of our team's tasks. We take part in the education and formation of early career scientists through contributions to undergraduate curricula, international summer and winter schools, programming courses and the supervision of research projects.


Talented students of physics, geosciences, Earth system and computer sciences can be offered the possibility to conduct their doctoral studies, diploma, master and bachelor theses here in our group.

PhD candidates

Running PhD projects:

Dragos Chirila: Lattice Boltzmann Ocean model

Christopher Danek: Investigation of Labrador Sea Dynamics with the High-Resolution Finite Element Sea Ice - Ocean Model FESOM

Neda Darvishsefat: NN

Paul Gierz: Climate variability and change during warm climates: the last interglacial and future scenarios

Sebastian Hinck: Atmosphere-Ocean-Ice feedbacks in the global climate (working title)

Xiaoxu Shi: Evaluation of ocean-ice feedbacks on long time scales: simulations with a new earth system model.

Lu Niu: Climate transitions at the end of the last glacial using a climate model including interactive ice sheets: Simulations and data-model comparison

Hu Yang: Dynamic changes of subtropical western boundary currents under global warming

List of finished PhD projects

Master and bachelor students

All projects were succesfully completed.

List of completed dipoma, bachelor and master theses.

If you are looking for a host institute for your thesis in paloclimate dynamics please contact Gerrit Lohmann.

Job opportunities

We render the possibility to carry out exiting research projects in a high-standard research environment.

We offer internships for students of geophysics, physics, Earth system sciences and other fields of expertise. Please contact Gerrit Lohmann for details.

For vacancies in our institute and section please refer to AWI's Open Position Pages.


Summer and Winter Schools

Regionaler Klimawandel REKLIM

Events we ran for the interested public