Lectures and practicals at Bremen University, faculty 01: physics and electrical engineering are part of the work of our working group. We engange in the eductaion of junior scientists by lectures in master courses, internatioal summer and winter schools, programming courses and by supervising final theses.

Courses at Bremen University

Climate II (winter term)

Dynamics II (summer term)


Talented students of physics, geosciences, Earth system and computer sciences can be offered the possibility to conduct their doctoral studies, diploma, master and bachelor theses here in our group.


Summer and Winter Schools

Regionaler Klimawandel REKLIM

Events we ran for the interested public

Teaching Material

In order to make teaching and further education up-to-date and interactive, various interactive websites have been created on topics such as Daisyworld, Energy Balance Models, Random Systems, Brownian Motion, and Orbital Theory of Ice Ages. These offer teachers and interested people the possibility to apply and understand scientific contents and processes by means of dynamically adaptable diagrams and graphics, as well as corresponding explanations.

These websites were created by Benjamin Thomas Schwertfeger within the frame of his practical semester and have the purpose to support lectures by Prof. Dr. Gerrit Lohmann. Since we received very positive feedback, we have decided to make this freely available to all.