Changing Earth - Sustaining our Future

The research program "Changing Earth - Sustaining our Future" combines the scientific expertise of 7 Helmholtz centers to systematically investigate the greatest challenges of our time, climate change, the extinction of species, environmental pollution and and the increasing vulnerability of a technological society to natural disasters - from the land surface to the oceans to the most remote polar regions.

Changing Earth - Sustaining our Future is the joint research program of the Research Field Earth and Environment. Funding is distributed competitively through the central Helmholtz procedure known as Program-oriented Funding (PoF). The fourth Program-oriented Funding period (PoF IV) has started with the beginning of 2021 and secures the participating Helmholtz centers the basic funding of their research activities in the program for the next seven years.

AWI is involved in six different topics within this program. In detail, these are:


Topic 2 is coordinated by AWI.

Contact persons

Spokesperson of the Research Program
Prof. Dr. Thomas Jung


Program coordination
Program Management
(Dipl. Martina Wilde, Dr. Almut Brunner, Dr. Jessica U. Kegel)