Marine, Coastal and Polar Systems (PACES II)

The research programme "Marine, Coastal and Polar Systems” pools the scientific expertise of the AWI in regard to all geo-scientific, biological and climatological research themes in the Polar Regions, the Arctic Ocean and the Coastal and Shelf Sea Regions of the North Sea.

The subtitle of the research programme "Polar regions And Coasts in the changing Earth System" (PACES II) refers to activities of observing, analysing, modelling and predicting natural variations and anthropogenic impacts on the Earth System. This provides a solid basis to answer the pressing issues for society on the social and economic impacts of climate and environmental changes (e.g. sea level rise, intensive use of natural resources) and to secure sustainable livelihood. 

The research programme PACES II (2014-2018) is performed commonly with scientists of the Helmholtz-Zentrums Geesthacht (HZG). Scientific themes as well as strategic issues are addressed for the next five years. The programme is part of the Helmholtz Association’s research field ‘Earth and Environment’ and is evaluated by international and independent experts every five years.

Contact persons

Spokesperson of the Research Programme
Prof. Dr. Thomas Jung

Programme Manager
Dr. Almut Schmengler