As a trainee at AWI

Would you like to get to know possible future occupational fields already during your studies or do you have a definite interest in a special research topic? Then there are numerous ways at the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) to gain practical experience, get to know different research disciplines and to gain exciting insights into non-university research. Voluntary internships for students are generally possible in all research departments and logistical, technical and administrative sections.

There is no fixed contingent for internships at AWI. An employment depends on the capacity and projects in the respective research departments and will be individually coordinated by the supervisors. Basic laboratory practice or a bachelor's degree is generally required within experimental work groups. The specific conditions and options for an internship should be clarified beforehand.

For further information and contacts please follow the particular links.

Internship at AWI - how and where?

To obtain an internship at AWI, you should early inform yourself about the diverse topics and main research areas at our institute. Please directly get in touch with the respective scientists or contact persons in the departments and sections via email or phone to discuss possibilities, dates and duration of an internship.

Vacant internships are occasionally posted on our website (jobs).

Duration and compensation

A voluntary internship may not exceed a duration of three months and is generally remunarated with 300 EUR per month. In individual cases it may be possible to obtain a position as student assistant (HiWi) following an internship.

Due to legal regulations, an employment for students who complete a mandatory internship at AWI is only possible for the minimum period prescribed in the relevant study regulations. A direct extension of a mandatory internship is unfortunately not possible.


An application for an internship related to your studies should include the following documents and information:

  • a letter of motivation with a statement on desired internship topics
  • your CV
  • a description of your scientific areas of interest and previous major fields of study
  • IT and/or laboratory skills (where appropriate)
  • an information on which section or department you would prefer for your internship
  • the desired duration and possible period for the internship
  • a statement that will allow us to potentially forward your application within AWI (a brief information in your cover or motivation letter will be sufficient)

Please note that we can only process your application when it is complete. If this is not the case, we cannot guarantee an answer due to time restraints. Thank you for your understanding.


Climate Sciences Division:
Stephanie Carstensen (office of the scientific division)


Geosciences Division:

AWI Bremerhaven:
Info sheet (in German)
Dr. Rainer Gersonde
Dr. Frank Lamy

AWI Potsdam:
Direct contact by phone or e-mail with leading scientists in the respective sections or working groups


Biosciences Division:

Direct contact by phone or e-mail with leading scientists in the respective sections or working groups

or Gesa Duhme (office of the scientific division)


General enquiries:
Offices of the scientific divisions or
Human Resources Department