Information for participants of AWI expeditions

From the idea to the expedition

The AWI runs different research platforms and organizes scientific expeditions. In doing so it is subject to national and international laws, customs and freight regulations as well as international agreements. Our department of logistics and research platforms provides support to all participants planning an expedition.

Please follow the 3 steps to ensure a successful and smooth realization of your project:


Please mind the Covid-19 hygiene concept and protective measures that apply to all AWI expeditions and their participants.

In advance, please note the currently valid Corona regulations, which can be found at any time on the intranet under "Business travel / To foreign countries". 

Please fill in all forms carefully, completely and readably in order to avoid time consuming questions, misunderstandings and delays when preparing your expedition.  

Please take care that all necessary forms are presented to AWI logistics in due course. In case that any documents are missing or submitted too late your equipment might not be processed in due time, or, in the worst case, you will not be allowed to take part in the expedition.

In case of questions do not hesitate to contact the chief scientist of your expedition or the persons in charge in the logistics department.

Some specially marked forms must be submitted to AWI logistics as signed original - scanned email versions are not accepted. For details please see the mandatory deadlines list.

CORONA questionnaire:

All expedition leaders are requested to have the questionnaire filled in by all participants and then, taking into account the currently valid, nationwide restrictions, to make a decision on the feasibility of the respective expedition.

General forms valid for most expeditions


Martina Kniemeyer-Schulze (EIS + vessels)

Elena Tschertkowa-Paulenz (Land expeditions)

Silke Henkel (Airborne campaigns)

Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar-
und Meeresforschung
Logistik & Forschungsplattformen
Am Alten Hafen 26
27568 Bremerhaven

Specific forms and information


Marius Hirsekorn
Bjela König

Stations, Shore expeditions:
Dirk Mengedoht
Christine Wesche

Clothing store:
Dirk Mengedoht
Eberhard Kohlberg

Christine Wesche
Dirk Mengedoht

Medical coordination:
Tim Heitland
Eberhard Kohlberg

Polar aircraft:
Martin Gehrmann
Silke Henkel

General Information

Please read the information carefully to be well prepared. If you have any questions regarding your expedition please contact one of the above mentioned.