Handling of weapons, training

Generally, all bearers of weapons (including crew/ helicopter crew etc.) need a training course (0.4 d theory, 0.6 d practice, max 20 participants).

The training courses are organised by AWI and are valid for 36 months. Thereafter, the course must be repeated.

It is required that at least two persons per working group in the field have passed such a course, thus are able to share bear watch.

General Agenda:

9:00h - ~ 11.30h         Lecture Hall, AWI building D.
                                 Welcome and short introduction, theory part:
                               - Polar bears - biology and behavior
                               - Handling of rifle and signal pistol (demonstration)
                               - Polar bear watch and how to avoid encounters

12:00                        Meeting plaice, parking lot AWI building D
                                 Departure to the shooting range by bus
13:00                        Shooting range, Altenwalde
                                 Practical part:
                                - Own handling of rifle and signal pistol
                                - Shooting training

 in between                Written test

~ 19:00                      Clean up, debriefing

~ 19:30h                    Return to AWI to Bhv by bus


Please bring your own food and drinks for lunch and the afternoon.

The shooting range is very exposed. Please mind robust shoes and clothing adequate to the forecasted weather conditions.

Registration form (incl. preferred date, alternative date, name and period of the expedition, KST/billing address)
please send by email to:

Elena Tschertkowa-Paulenz






Authorized person for weapons:

Olaf Stenzel

Tel.: 0171 6814324

Contact at AWI:

Dirk Mengedoht