Walking down Earth’s memory lane to understand and explain climate processes in the past – this is what paleoclimate dynamics is about. We look back onto the last 150 years of Earth’s climate history and do also investigate into periods up to 800 Million years ago.

Looking back into Earth’s past from the climate perspective helps to better understand today’s climate processes and the reasons for climate variability. We interprete observational and proxy data using different Earth system models and statistical methods. Close collaboration with colleagues from the climate archives' community is an asset. The paleoclimate information is used to test state-of-the-art climate models for times when the climate was different from today. Analyzing proxy-reconstructed paleoclimate records and models in tandem allows for the evaluation of climate transitions and thresholds in the past and possible future climate changes.

Lectures and exercises at the University of Bremen, summer schools and science courses are our contribution to education and the formation of early career scientists

We are an international team of senior scientists, PhD students and research assistants. We also place emphasis on the exchange with other projects and working groups, in-house and externally, and on national and international levels.