We are an international team of senior scientists, PhD candidates, research assistants, and students studying climate changes and transitions of the past, present and future. For our research we use state-of-the-art climate models, proxy-reconstructed paleoclimate records, and observational data. We apply various tools and methods such as statistical analysis, theoretical concepts, and machine learning, working closely with internal and external experts in the fields of climate model development, climate dynamics, extreme events, and biogeochemistry. 

We analyze climate variability of the last centuries, investigate abrupt climate changes during glacial-interglacial periods, and are particularly interested in warm climates of the past, looking back from today to periods up to 80 million years ago. Earth system modelling and analysis provide a better understanding of the way the climate system works, a better assessment of drivers of climate change and climate sensitivity, and an evaluation of the models used to project the climate of the future. Our statistical analyses for evaluating climate extremes and the applied machine learning techniques are also an asset to further improve our knowledge on climate change across timescales as well as the robustness of our model results.

Our contribution to the education and training of early career scientists includes lectures and tutorials at the University of Bremen, summer schools and science courses.. We also place emphasis on knowledge transfer and the exchange with other research projects and working groups, in-house and externally, at a national and international level.