The guest reserch programme for visiting scientists....

... at the Biological Station Helgoland (BAH)

Our Goals

Guest science team endeavours to support external scientists and university courses in their work at the Biological Station Helgoland. We aim to network our guests with AWI-BAH staff to maximize the benefits derived from their research and to facilitate national and international science and education co-operations.

Accomodation on Helgoland

The AWI operates two guest houses for course participants (Wilhelm Mielck House) and guest scientists (Artur Hagmeier Haus). We recommend you plan and book your stay on Helgoland early, as there is usually considerable demand for all of our guest houses. To book accommodation please contact Ms Kathrin Böhmer ( or Ms Renate Beißner (Renate More info


University courses

Course supervisors are kindly asked to fill in the online request form in teh period of Dec to Februara to book our course facilities one year in advance. If teh request period is already terminated please contact directly   the guest science co-ordinator Dr. Eva - Maria Brodte for availability.


Guest scientists

Individual guest scientists are asked to complete their online registration form including a description of your planned project with all logistics needs and contact the guest science co-ordinatorDr. Eva - Maria Brodte for availability. 


Guest scientists grants

Individual guest researchers might want to apply for travel grants to visit the Biologische Anstalt Helgoland. Please, see this webpage of the EU-Projekt ASSEMBLE plus for eligebility   or contact the guest science co-ordinatorDr. Eva - Maria Brodte

Health and Safety