The Laboratory for Stable Isotopes at AWI Potsdam does research in the Polar Regions of both hemispheres on natural materials such as water, ice, organic matter form soils and sediments and biogenic opal (i.e. diatoms). We use analyses on stable oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen isotopes to reconstruct the climate and environmental dynamics in high latitudes (both Arctic and Antarctic research). The Laboratory for Stable Isotopes is equipped with the following devices and peripheries:

  • 3 Finnigan-MAT Delta-S Mass Spectrometers: HD, CO2, each with 2 Equilibration units for H and O Isotopes (in water).
  • 1 ThermoFisher Delta-V-Advantage Mass Spectrometer: CO2, N2, mit Conflo-IV und Flash EA 2000 for C and N Isotopes.
  • 1 PDZ Europa Scientific 20-20 Mass Spectrometer: O2, with own Laser Fluorination (with BrF5) for O- Isotopes in Biogenic Silica.
  • 1 Picarro L2120i Cavity RingDown Spectrometer with A0213 Induction Module (IM) for H and O Isotopes (in solids).
  • 1 Picarro L2130i Cavity RingDown Spectrometer with A0101 Autosampler and A0211 Vaporizer for H and O Isotopes (in water).
  • 1 Picarro L2140i Cavity RingDown Spectrometer with own Standard Module for H and O Isotopes (in water vapour); installed on Samoylov Island, Siberia (since 2015).

link: /expedition/labore/stabile-isotopenlabor.html

Dr. Hanno Meyer

Technical staff
Lutz Schönicke
Mikaela Weiner