Water isotope analytics – Mass spectrometry

Three Finnigan MAT Delta-S Mass Spectrometers are used for Stable Water Isotope Analytics (d18O, dD) in the Stable Isotope Laboratory at AWI Potsdam since many years. The widely identical Mass Spectrometers are coupled with 2 equilibration units each to measure hydrogen and oxygen isotopes of water and ice samples.

The equilibration technique uses thermally constant GFL water shaking baths units. Hydrogen and oxygen isotopes of water and ice samples are measured from the same aliquot (ca. 3 ml). A full measuring sequence comprises 48 samples incl. standards and takes about 2 days for both hydrogen and oxygen isotopes.

The water isotope analytics is a clear focus at the Laboratory for Stable Isotopes at AWI Potsdam and tackles various scientific reseach questions in the fields of permafrost research, hydrology, limnology, marine geochemistry and glaciology.

The AWI Potsdam Laboratory has a well-equipped storage with spare parts for Delta-S mass spectrometers.