Lectures at Bremen University and at Bremerhaven University represent an important aspect of our work (see below for details). In addition, we continuously offer the supervision of PhD- and Master Theses in the field of Physical Oceanography of Polar Seas. The education of a new generation of scientists is also supported by teaching courses such as the Nippon Foundation POGO Centre of Excellence at AWI on the isle of Helgoland, special summer schools or in the framework of the garduate schools POLMAR or GLOMAR. In order to gain insights into the practical work of oceanographers at sea we assist and educate AWI PhD students and Bachelor students of the Jacobs University Bremen during campaigns aboard the research vessel ‚Heinke’ in the North Sea.

Teaching Bremen University

Summer Semester:

Lecture title: Climate System I
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Torsten Kanzow
Programme: Enviromental Physics (M. Sc. Programme)
Duration: 2 hours per week lecture + 1 hour tutorial

Lecture title: Polar Oceanography
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Torsten Kanzow
Duration: 1.5 hours per week lecture + 0.5 hours tutorial
Programme / Studiengang: Enviromental Physics (M. Sc. Programme)

Lecture title: Remote Sensing I
Lecturet: Prof. Dr. Astrid Bracher
Duration:  summer semester, 2 hours per week lecture + 1 hour tutorial
Programme: Enviromental Physics (M. Sc. Programme)

Lecture title: Ocean Optics and Ocean Color Remote Sensing
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Astrid Bracher
Duration:  winter semester, 2 hours per week lecture
Programme: Enviromental Physics (M. Sc. Programme)

Lecture title: Elements of Physical Oceanography
Lecturer: Benjamin Rabe
Duration:  1 hour per week (equiv.-course en block 1 week during summer semester)
Programme: ISATEC (International Studies in Aquatic Tropical Ecology) (international Master)

Winter Semester:

Lecture title: Physical Oceanography for Marine Biologists
Lecturer: Dr. Wilken-Jon von Appen
Duration:  1 Woche (jeweils im WS)
Programme: Marine Biology (M.Sc. Programme)

Teaching Bremerhaven University

Lecture title: Global climate change
Lecturer: Dr. Mario Hoppema
Duration & Time: 1 hour per week in summer semester
Programme: Maritime Technologien (MAR4)

Lecture title: Introduction to Oceanography
Lecturer: Dr. Benjamin Rabe, Dr. Mario Hoppema
Duration & Time: 2 hours per week in winter semester
Programme: Maritime Technologien (MAR1) / Biotechnologie der marinen Ressourcen (BMR1) / Marine Messtechnik (MAR1, MAR3)

Lecture title: Physical Oceanography
Lecturer: Dr. Benjamin Rabe
Duration & Time: 2 hours per week in summer semester (change to 1 hour per week from 2019)
Programme: Marine Messtechnik (MAR2, MAR4)


We offer PhD and MSc. thesis supervision in the field of Physical Oceanography of Polar Seas. Below you’ll find a list of PhD and MSc. theses supervised by members of our section. If you are interested in writing a thesis in this field, please get in touch (torsten.kanzow@awi.de).

Running Master Projects

Laura Mathieu: Estimation of turbulence from a towed undulating platform.
École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

Wiebke Körtke: Decadal changes in the Atlantic water in the Eurasian Basin.
Programme: MSc. Environmental Physics (Bremen University)

Jan Gerken: Fronts and near-surface hydrographic variability revealed by en-route measurements of RV Polarstern along transects through the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean.
Programme: MSc. Physics (Bremen University)

Marie Schlenker: Circulation and water properties under the landfast ice in the southeastern Laptev Sea. Programme: M.Sc. Environmental Physics (Bremen Universitiy)

Diandra Duengen: Habitat models for Antarctic marine mammal species. Programme: M.Sc. Biology (University Oldenburg)

Karoline Hots: Using passive acoustic data to assess Antarctic marine mammal species diversity. Programme: M.Sc. Biology (University Oldenburg) & HIFMB

Ramona Matmueller: Marine mammal species diversity in south-east Greenland. M.Sc. Biology (Bremen University)

Katharina Hiemer: Bowhead vocal behavior in Fram Strait. Programm: M.Sc. Biology (Bremen University)


Running PhD Projects

Nicolas Le Paih: Spatial structure and temporal variability of the meridional overturning in the Weddell Sea.
Bremen University, FB 1, Physik/Elektrotechnik

Vasileios Pefanis: Investigating the change of coloured dissolved organic matter (CDOM) loading in the Arctic Ocean and its effects on the ocean’s heat budget.
Bremen University, FB1, Physik/Elektrotechnik

Yangyang Liu: Assessing the impact of climate change on Arctic phytoplankton.
Bremen University, FB1, Physik/Elektrotechnik

Lukrecia Stulic: Quantification of sea ice production in the southern Weddell Sea using a
synergy of numerical simulations and remote sensing data.
Bremen University, FB1, Physik/Elektrotechnik

Stylianos Kritsotalakis: Energy transfers in gravity plumes.
Bremen University, FB1, Physik/Elektrotechnik

Diego Filun: Spatio-temporal patterns in Antarctic minke whale vocal behavior in the Weddell Sea.
Bremen Universty

Elena Schall: Spatio-temporal patterns in humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) acoustic presence and acoustic behavior in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean.
University Oldenburg, Biology

Francesca Doglioni: Long term variability of Arctic Ocean surface circulation, inferred from remote sensing and in situ observations.
Bremen University

Finished Theses

Naomi Arbely: Mixed layer depths in the Arctic ocean: A comparison of model observations. Bachelor Thesis, University Kiel

Clara Stolle: The northwestern Weddell Sea shelf: Circulation and CO2 transport. Master thesis, University Kiel

Luisa von Albedyll: Structure and variability of the circulation at tidal to intra-seasonal time scales near the 79 North Glacier, University Bremen

Myriel Horn: Freshwater variability in the Arctic Ocean and North Atlantic. PhD thesis, University Bremen

Svenja Ryan: Ocean Ice Shelf Interaction in the Weddell Sea with focus on the Filchner Ronne Ice Shelf. PhD thesis, University Bremen

Stefanie Spiesecke: Analysis and modelling of RAFOS signal propagation under the Antarctic sea-ice for positioning Argo floats, Master Thesis, Hochschule Bremen.

Miriam Seifert: Carbon cycling in Arctic fjords (Scoresby Sund, East Greenland) with regard to the influence of glacial meltwater discharge. Master Thesis, University Bremen

Lisa Ganz: A “13-Hz” short call recorded off Elephant Island, Antarctica – By which species is it emitted? Master Thesis, University Bremen

Krissy Reeve: Weddell Gyre circulation and water mass transports derived from Argo floats. PhD Thesis,
Jacobs University, Bremen

Janin Schaffer: Ocean impact on the 79 North Glacier, Northeast Greenland. PhD thesis, University Bremen

Maren Richter: Fram Strait recirculation and the East Greenland Current: Spatial structure north of 79°N ,Master thesis, University Bremen.

Frank Schnaase: Representation of shallow grounding zones in a sigma-coordinate ice shelf--ocean model. Masters thesis, University Bremen.

Sahana Soundara Rajan: Image Processing algorithm for Whale Blow detection and optimization.
Master thesis, Hochschule Bremerhaven.

Mathias Rücker van Caspel: The importance of the western Weddell Sea to Weddell Sea Deep Water formation. PhD thesis, University Bremen

Rafael Goncalves-Araujo: Tracing environmental variability in the changing Arctic Ocean with optical measurements of dissolved organic matter.PhD thesis, University Bremen.

Alexandra Wolanin: Exploitation of hyperspectral satellite data for the detection of fluorescence originating from biological sources. PhD thesis, University Bremen.

Yoshihiro Nakayama: Analysis and modeling of the distribution of tracers of glacial melt in the Southern Ocean with focus on the Southeast Pacific sector. PhD thesis, University of Bremen

Mariana Soppa: Tracking phytoplankton from space in a changing Southern Ocean. PhD thesis, University Bremen.

Sandra Tippenhauer: Mixing, Hydrography, and Flow in the eastern Channel of the Lucky Strike Segment. PhD thesis, University Bremen

Beatriz Margarita Recinos Rivas: Upper Arctic Ocean velocity structure from in-situ observation.
Masters Thesis, University Bremen

Alexandra Cherkasheva: Greenland Sea primary production with respect to changes in sea ice cover. PhD thesis, Department of Physics and Electrical Engeneering, University Bremen.

Maria Böhme: Implementierung und Analyse einer Meereiskomponente mit variabler Wärmekapazität für FESOM. Diplomarbeit, Fachbereich Mathematik, University of Bremen

Catalin Patilea: Ocean circulation and sea-ice distribution changes induced by an increased melting rate under the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf. Master thesis, University of Bremen

Ioana Ivanciu: On the role of supercooled water from beneath the Ekström Ice Shelf in the formation of a sub-ice platedlet layer in Atka Bay, Antarctica. Bachelor Thesis, Jacobs University.